At some point during the recruiting process, coaches will almost always ask to see some kind of training footage of an athlete. It is advantageous to show how an athlete trains and hones his/her craft to better perform at the next level. 


Starting at $250

 Our training videos give you a simple and straightforward way to show any recruiter how you prepare and take care of your business from behind the scenes.  Less flashy then our Highlight video, its main purpose is to showcase a more in-depth look at both your skillset and work ethic.


  • Moderately edited footage of the athlete’s defensive or offensive training at multiple angles.

  • Includes a (1) hour filming session during a practice or private lesson to showcase either defensive or offensive skills (or a combo of both).

  • Creation of a 1:30 – 2:00 minute video (with Youtube link)

  • Includes 1 minor client requested revision


To watch a sample video Click Here

*All videos are labeled at a base price. Extra costs may include roundtrip distances of 20 miles or more, additional client requested revisions, sessions, on-site shoots and more.  For additional information, please contact us at

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